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Apprenticeship Grants


Apprenticeship Grants – up to £8,000 for employers to support apprentices!

Over recent years the widely established CITB NI grants scheme has supported over 1000 young apprentices who joined the industry in the last six years. Due to the successful uptake of the apprenticeship grant in recent years, CITB NI has maintained this grant which means that £6,500 may be claimed for a fully employed apprentice over a 3-year period on either an ApprenticeshipsNI or Higher Level Apprenticeships programme. Note – Apprenticeship Grants are not capped.

Apprenticeship Grant Rates

Year 1 Employment Grant £1,500 Running Total
Year 2 Employment Grant £1,500 £3,000
VQ Level 2 Achievement £1,000 £4,000
Year 3 Employment Grant £1,000 £5000
VQ Level 3 Achievement £1,500 £6,500

Higher Level Apprenticeships (HLA) Up To Level 5

First Year Employment Grant £1,500
Second Year Employment Grant £1,500
Third Year Employment Grant £1,500
£2,000 payable on achievement of full HLA

HLA For Level 6 and above

Grant will be paid at £2,000 on achievement. Grant claim must be submitted within three months of notification of successful completion.
Further information on the different levels of qualifications can be found here

See CITB NI Grants Scheme & Terms & Conditions

Department for the Economy - Employer Incentive Payments up to £1,500

 Under the ApprenticeshipsNI programme an Employer Incentive Payment is available for employers whose apprentice successfully completes their full Level 2 or Level 3 apprenticeships framework. This incentive ranges from £250 to £1,500, depending on the complexity and level of the apprenticeship undertaken and the age of the apprentice on joining the programme.

Information on all other construction related courses

Download the latest list of Apprenticeship Training Providers

Please note these lists are not exhaustive contact your local training provider/college for clarification of training offered.

Click here to visit the CITB NI grants web page were you can apply for an apprenticeship grant.

Useful Resources

CITB NI have published 4 detailed guides to help with all the relevant information relating to apprenticeships. Please download what is relevant to you for the latest information available.

A Guide to Construction Apprenticeships for Employers

A Guide to Construction Apprenticeships for Students

A Guide to Construction Apprenticeships for Parents/Guardians

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