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CITB NI Products & Services

Presentation-image-(2).pngDownload our latest presentation for full details on CITB NI's products and services, with interactive links this presentation gives you all the latest on training services,  grants courses and information that can help you progress within the construction industry. Download the presentation here


Emerging Technologies - Bite size videos

To add to our suite of Business Improvement Events, we want to include emerging technology masterclasses on specific technologies and have developed a suite of bite size videos, to help us identify which technologies to focus on that the NI construction industry are interested in finding out more about.

 Introduction to Immersive Technology - What is XR?

XR in the Construction Industry - Virtually Real

Introduction to the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

AI in the changing face of construction

Business Improvement Events – Taster Videos

CITB NI has recorded taster videos for two of our Employer Engagement Events – BIM (Building Information Modelling) and GDPR and Information Security.
These sessions are designed to provide a sample of what you will learn at one of our Employer Engagement Events – they are basically a summary of the key points which will be expanded upon at events. We encourage you to attend our events for a more in-depth and interactive learning experience and to undertake further certified training where possible.

Building Information Modelling with David Gawley, Pentagon Solutions


GDPR and Information Security with Mark Hopkins, Quadra Ltd

(this is a 3 –part video, video one covers GDPR, videos two and three cover Information Security) 

Note: Given the situation with Covid-19 restrictions, CITB NI has postponed its Employer Engagement Events in line with Government guidance. We hope to be able to reschedule these at a later date, in the meantime, these videos may assist you with some key learning points for each topic.

Introductory Digital Marketing & Social Media for Construction - Emma Gribben, Digital by Emma

Advanced Digital Marketing & Social Media for Construction - Emma Gribben - Digital by Emma

Additional Training Videos

We are producing a series of awareness videos for the construction industry, especialy during these times of home working.

Display Screen Equipment

Best practice, tips and guidance on display screen equipment applicable for both the office and home working.


PPE in the workplace

Best practice for Suitability of PPE in the workplace



Noise at Work

Best practice and guidance for noise levels at work

Fire Prevention and Control

Best practice guidance in fire prevention and control

Hazards & risks associated with Hand Held Abrasive Wheel Tools

Guidance and tips on using hand held abrasive wheel tools in the workplace

Reducing Risk of Hand and Arm Vibration

This short video will highlight the effects from exposure to vibration and the precautions that need to be adapted.

COSHH & CLP Labelling

This short presentation will help viewers identify potentially hazardous substances in the workplace and understand exposure to these substances.

Asbestos Awareness

Raising the awareness and understanding of the dangers of asbestos in the construction industry