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Who are CITB NI?

We represent the amalgamated operations of the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) and the Sector Skills Council for construction, ConstructionSkills in Northern Ireland. Find out more on the history of CITB NI

Chief Executive Barry Neilson talks about the benefits of being a Registered employer

Download our latest presentation for full details on CITB NI's products and services, with interactive links this presentation gives you all the latest on training services,  grants courses and information that can help you progress within the construction industry. Download the presentation here

Chief Executive Barry Neilson also talks about CITB NI products and services and what we have to offer registered employers

What is the role of CITB NI?

Our role is to encourage the adequate training of those employed or intending to be employed in the construction industry and to improve the skills and productivity of the industry, to deliver a safe, professional and fully qualified workforce across the whole of the construction industry in Northern Ireland.

CITB NI’s role is also to make sure

- that employees and new entrants to the construction industry have the right training;
- that employers provide training for their workforce;
- that we understand the industry and can identify what its training needs are both now and in the future and;
- that the right qualifications, at the right level, are available to meet these needs.

As such, our image for the future of the construction industry, and for our organisation, (our vision) is:

A construction industry where skills and competence are at the core of every business, supported by a respected and valued CITB NI. Find out more about our Strategic Plan and Objectives.

Values: CITB NI Values have been developed to create a working culture we are proud of and believe in.

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