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Sponsorship Opportunities

 Your chance to work with CITB NI as a partner or commercial Sponsor
As the Industry Training Board and a partner in ConstructionSkills, the Sector Skills Council for the UK Construction industry, CITB NI focuses on providing the support and services needed to ensure the local construction industry has the right skills and qualifications to survive and thrive in today’s competitive markets.
In order to do this effectively CITB NI provides grant support to encourage employers to train.  We also deliver some specialist training programmes aimed at construction employers and employees, many of which are delivered in partnership with external organisations such as employer bodies. 
These training projects can offer a number of commercial sponsorship opportunities to companies who are interested in working in partnership with CITB NI  and allow us to deliver and further develop these training projects.
Below is a list of existing projects which may provide sponsorship opportunities.
  • Virtual Training Facility: VET 360
  • Leader in Construction
  • Site Supervisor Sponsorship of lecture theatre, meeting rooms
  • Heritage stakeholder organisations partnering for potential Heritage Project
  • Employers sponsoring GCSE in Construction bursary
  • Employers partnering with CITB NI and some schools delivering the GCSE in Construction
  • Opportunities with CITB NI’s Mobile Training Unit
  • Skillbuild NI (trade category, support sponsor)
  • Women in Construction Network events
  • Sustainable Construction Interest Group events
  • Employer Business Improvement events (speaker opportunity or site visit)
Benefits -
  • Opportunities for joint launching / promoting of programmes
  • Access to programme attendees
  • Possible speaking opportunities
  • Opportunity to communicate with over 3000 CITB NI registered employers
  • Opportunity to build relationships within the local construction sector and with stakeholders
  • Prominent branding on promotional literature, website and social media
  • Sponsor mentions in press releases
  • Sponsor representative included in photography related to project
  • Sponsor’s name / brand on award e.g. best student
  • Opportunities for sponsors to distribute their promotional materials
  • Sponsor branding on all training materials
If you are interested in becoming a partner or commercial sponsor please contact Siobhan Daly at Email: to discuss the range of projects and benefits available.