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CPCS Emergency COVID-19

NOCN Job Cards is aware that some individuals in the future will have difficulty renewing or updating their CPCS cards due to issues caused by COVID-19. 

Difficulties in renewing may take the form of not being able to make HSE tests or CPCS renewal tests as Pearson VUE and many Internet Test Centers are closed. We also know it will be difficult to complete Vocational Qualifications in the next few months. 

The industry has welcomed CPCS and NOCN Job Cards’ advice on the relaxation by sites on cards that have expired. On March 16th CPCS recommend to employers that their sites could be more lenient on accepting cards that have expired from mid-March onwards until the Covid-19 situation has been brought more under control. This is, of course, the Employers’ choice and decision. However, some employers require further controls and a longer-term solution to this issue. 

Due to this and after strong industry direction CPCS is providing the ability to apply for an Emergency CPCS Card which would be valid for 12 months for those unable to renew cards or upgrade cards due to not being able to renew their HSE test or Renewal Test. 

This card will also be available for individuals on a Red card which is expiring and they have been prevented from completing their Vocational Qualification due to the COVID-19 situation. Proof of Qualification Registration is necessary, however, if this is with Cskills Awards/NOCN then we can check this digitally without the applicant needing to provide anything. 

This card is to support employers and individuals who do not wish to accept expired cards, giving our beneficiaries choice.