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Sharing the investment across the industry helps to maintain a solid skills base, meeting the immediate needs of individual employers and in the long term benefiting the whole industry by helping avoid skill shortages and inflationary pay.

Through legislation CITB NI is authorised to raise a levy from the Northern Ireland construction industry to fund its activities and services that aim to encourage adequate training. The levy system is the fairest way of gathering funds from employers to pay for the training needs of the collective workforce. The CITB NI levy means that all employers in the industry make the appropriate financial contributions (currently 0.65% of the wages bill). The benefits of the statutory levy system are about more than just giving  CITB NI levy back to the industry in the form of CITB NI grants. The levy funds a wide range of activities in addition to the CITB NI grants system. 

Employers must submit their actual levy return in order for grant to be released. If you need an Annual Return Form please contact 028 9082 5466.

To complete the online Annual Return form click "Apply Now" at the bottom of this page and enter the allocated Username & Password (on Annual Return form). Mandatory fields are marked with a *. Monetary amounts should be full pounds only and should not include any commas. If you do not have all of the information required to submit the completed Annual Return form it can be saved for later submission. The levy history page will notify you that the form has been submitted and is available for you to download and print for your file.

If you wish to complete a paper Annual Return form and have not received the pack through the post, sent 30 July 2014, please download using the links below.

Click here to download the CITB NI Annual Return Form 2014/2015

Click here to download the Annual Levy Return Guidance Notes 2014/2015

Click here to download the Direct Debit Mandate 2014/2015

For any queries regarding Levy please contact us on 028 9082 5466 or email:
Deadline for on-line levy submission is 29th August 2014 at 4pm